This month, Tori and I celebrate 30 years of life. It's very cool that we were born just 11 days apart so we get to celebrate our lives together each year. There is something about 30 that makes you look back, look forward and look in the mirror. As we look around we find nothing but blessings in every direction. We sometimes wonder how and why we are so very blessed! It is absolutely ridiculous.
This year, more than any, we celebrate LIFE! Life is a word that we have spoken over and over and over again this past year for many reasons.

First, we celebrated bringing home our unbelievable Zoe Renae, "a life reborn." Everyday with her we are amazed at how God blessed us with a life so incredible. I tell everyone that there is no way Tori could birth a baby more like her. They are two of a kind and I couldn't be happier about it. In July we were able to celebrate Zoe's life when she turned 4. It is awesome that when we look at her we only see our daughter, nothing else, just our daughter who we dearly love.

Also this year we celebrated the life of Tori's dad and a year without cancer. His life has also been reborn as he faced death head on and God gave him more time here with us. He's been given the chance to impact so many lives through this battle and has hope to offer others pleading for life. His life has and will continue to impact the world for Christ. We pray that Zoe will be one of those lives.

Then we found out, through some routine tests, that Zoe needed major surgery. Again we prayed for life. The surgery was amazingly successful and again we thank God everyday for her life. Zoe's surgeon, Dr. Tom, is her first real-life crush and one of our all-time favorite people.

Now we are turning 30. We celebrate our three decades of life and the few we've had together. Tori and I are perfectly matched and I am blessed to be married to my best friend. We are just enough alike to enjoy our lives together and different enough to complement one another perfectly. We are blessed to be in ministry together and happy that our lives intersected 4 1/2 years ago.

Just 6 months after we met, we celebrated our lives by getting tattoos. We were just friends, but we both got very meaningful artwork inked on ourselves. Some people think it's crazy, to us it's a special memory. This year to celebrate LIFE we decided to tattoo again, to forever remind us of the LIFE we have to celebrate this year and always.

We look back on wonderful life, we look forward to wonderful life and when we look in the mirror, we see amazingly blessed life.