We got "the call" and arrived in Georgia 2 days earlier than we planned for sweet Lillie's arrival. I am over the moon for her, but strangely her birth was not the most excitement my life saw these past couple of days.

Soon after we got to the hospital we were asked to pick up Sophie and Will from school. After Tori was reassured we would make it back in time for Lillie's birth we happily went to gather our niece and nephew so they could soon meet their little sister. We knew that when we arrived back at the hospital the kids clothes would need to be changed as Sophie was dressed like Juliet for a school project that day. We arrived at the school in less than 5 minutes, woke Will up from his nap and quickly got the kids to the car. As we were getting in, I got a call saying that I needed to drop Tori off at the door so she could get right in to be with Carrie as she delivered Lillie. Tori suggested that I change them in the trunk of the SUV. We dropped her off with kisses and "I love yous" then headed into the parking garage.

We parked and started moving to the trunk. Sophie asked that I close the door for privacy so I climbed in, put will in my lap and did my best to close the door from the inside. Our space was cramped with two large suitcases, a stroller and the three of us. I tried to close the stroller with Will in my lap without success so I attempted to shove it over the backseat in-between the two car seats without hitting Sophie in the face or catching it on her poufy pink princess dress. It would not fit, so I tried to unlatch and fold it up. I was successful so I moved on to the changing of the clothes.

I helped Soph get her dress undone so that she could take it off. I opened the suitcase and had to lay the top flap over me and Will to get to the clothes. Their outfits had been described for me, so I knew what I was looking for: 2 white turtlenecks, 1 pink corduroy dress, 1 pair of brown overalls and tights. Everything seemed to be right on top, so I grabbed a turtleneck and some tights so I could get Sophie started. Together we decided the bloomers from her costume should come off so we could get the tights on. I got the first leg on and left her with the second...so then I went back and helped with the second. Tights on, check. We got the shirt on with ease. Then came the dress. It had buttons all the way down one side and a bow on the other. It seemed that it would go on much like a long vest and Sophie told me that the buttons went in front. After we got started it didn't seem quite right, so we took it off and went with buttons in the back...perfect. I handed her a pair of brown shoes with pink polka dots and gave her the task of putting them on while I started with Will.

I knew this would be trickier because he was in my lap and halfway under the suitcase reading his "Cars" book. I took his shoes off and he asked that I put them back on, but I kept on going and removed his shirt. I grabbed the closest white turtleneck and began to pull it down over his head. Something was keeping it from going all the way on and I realized that it wasn't even to his nose and ears, so I pulled harder. As I continued I began to realize that I was getting nowhere and suffocating him as he began to scream/cry. I pulled it off quickly and decided to give him a quick break while I helped Sophie take her shoes back off and put them on the right feet. Then I went back to Will and the tiny necked turtleneck. I pulled it over his head again and began to make him scream once more. I realized that this was never going to happen. So I reached over him, pushing away the pink princess dress, to dig through the suitcase to see if there was another shirt. Moments later I found a white turtleneck, with a larger neck and a little teddy bear sewn on the front. I knew this must be the one. I quickly got it on him and we were in business. I tried to get his pants off one leg at a time, but it was tricky to do so while he was on me and under the suitcase. Finally after some creative movement we were ready to get the overalls on. This was a quick task and then the shoes were a breeze. I gave the kids a quick look and we were ready to jump out so we could go in to see their new baby sister.

I felt along the back door of the SUV to find the handle, but it was nowhere to be found. Stuck! We were stuck in the trunk. The wheels in my head began to spin as I tried to figure out how to get the three of us out. Then I heard my name followed by four scary words..."Uncle Derek, I have to potty." Panic mode sets in. I look to see if I can push by her and squeeze between the car seats and over the back seat. So, I come up with a brilliant idea. I send Sophie over the back seat so that she can open the side door, go around the vehicle, open the back door and free us. She got over the seat just fine, but the door was very heavy and she couldn't quite open it. I didn't know if it was locked or not, so I had her climb to the driver's seat and try to open it. As soon as she got to the front, the side door fell open. I called to her to get out through the side. She quickly got out and walked around back. She got to the back and I shouted through the glass for her to pull the handle, but she couldn't find it. She shouted to me, "What do you want me to do?" and I shouted back, "Pull the handle!" and she shouted, "What?" and I shouted "Pull up on the handle!" I began to realize this wouldn't work, so I told her to come back around to the side. I made the decision that I would have to squeeze over the seat and try to maneuver between the car seats. I made it over and then pulled Will over from the back. We climbed out. I went to the back and realized that the trunk handle was hidden in the license plate nook. I grabbed the few things I could see that I thought we might need, locked the car and we walked as fast as our little legs would carry us to the elevator.

We went down three floors, got out, walked down the sidewalk, went into the main building, got on the elevator, went up 3 floors and found the nearest men's room. The three of us got into the only stall just in the nick of time. I kept Will from touching stuff while Sophie went potty. We went to the waiting room around the corner, got some skittles and lemonade and sat down to wait for the baby.

After a phone call from Aunt Pam, Will said, "I poop." Great. I had one diaper, no wipes and no desire to change a diaper. We quickly left, went to the nurses' desk, asked for some wipes and a changing station. They brought me a whole pack of wipes and sent me on a hunt for the changing station that could not be found. Finally after Sophie said, "You've had us walking all over this whole hospital," I decided to find a secluded place and change the diaper. I lay him down, unbutton the overalls and awkwardly pull them down. I nervously open the diaper and to my surprise, it is fresh and clean. Will looks up at me and laughs. I put him back together and all three of us go to the "play area" and amuse ourselves with broken toys. A few minutes later Tori calls to say that baby Lillie was born! This is when things calmed down.

Tori came to get us and we all went up to meet her. Sophie held her, I held her and Will just wanted to bite her. I was so glad to be an uncle again and I look forward to new adventures with my special three...Sophie, Will and Lillie.


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